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About Varied / Hobbyist Calluna Vulgaris DraconisFinland Group :iconforestling-den: Forestling-Den
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dA Username: Calluna-Draconis
Nicknames and/or Preferred Names: Calluna in the net
Gender and Pronouns: use whatever you want, i don't mind
Country: Finland
Zodiac Sign: Libra


Number of Past Accounts: 1
Number of Past Usernames: 2
First Username: DMCfan94 *pfpf*
Original Join Date:  x.x.2012
Premium Member?: nope :iconengineerplz:
Watchers: 290
Deviations: 295
Favorites: 13,433


Favorite Digital Art Program: Paint Tool SAI
Favorite Traditional Art Medium: Inktense pens, copic/promarker markers
Favorite dA Artists: i don't want to tag 'em but Agaave, Beastofoblivion, Shinerai, Saraais are all my idols
Favorite Movies: Dreamworks stuff, Matrix, LotR.. 
Favorite TV Shows: House, Eureka, Lilyhammer
Favorite Music Artists/Bands: Linkin Park, Parov Stelar
Fandoms You're Stuck In: TF2 (and kinda Kagerou Project but that's ... :'''D)


Sexual Orientation: idek mate
Religious Affiliation?: somewhere between agnostic and atheist
Pets: guppies
Number of Family Members in Household: 4
Scars?: 2 many 2 count. most of them are small or from insect bites (i'm kinda very allergic to mosquitos)
Tattoos?: nope
Piercings?: 2 in each lobe, generally wearing rings
Alcohol?: cider every now and then, not into strong stuff
Drugs?: nope
Height: 170
Weight: 2fat4u


Digital or Traditional?: both equally 
Beach or Mountains?: Beachhh
Dolphins or Sharks?: idk, dolphins are intelligent but even cruel, sharks are primitive but have their own charm, both?
Would you rather fight 100 third graders one at a time or 50 all at once?: one at a time xD
On sunny days, you: sit out painting flowers, tending garden or shoot with the bow
On rainy days, you: draw (mainly digitally) watch youtube or TV
On hot days, you: enjoy the sun (too hot days for me are so rare in Finland pfff-fff---)
On cold days, you: huddle inside behind closed curtain and distract myself by watching nature document and wish I was living somewhere else


1. My dad just bought a compound bow and I went crazy over it
2. My hands shake very much
3. ^probably because of poor physical shape x''D
4. I'm too shy to play TF2 online ^^;
5. I hate thinking facts about myself *ragequit*


How many OCs do you have?: somewhere around 30?
What fandom do most of them belong to? errr if you count ClubMTT as a fandom then that
Which one is your favourite?: Nordican, Nanobit & Eydís
Which one do you draw the most?: Nordy, he just pops on the paper
Do you commission work of them?: If i had the money...
Do you request work of them?: If the artist is offering, yes!
Do you ship them with other people's characters, or your own?: Not at the moment at least
Are there any that you would make real if you had the chance?: Nordy and Eydís would make great pets/companions heh though feeding Nordican would end in my total bankruptcy xD
  • Listening to: TF2 playlist


Calluna Vulgaris Draconis
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
W E L C O M E < 3

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By the way, actually, do you think that you'd in any way be interested in participating in this?…
Obviously, you don't have to, I just wanted to know 0u0
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